CAD & CAM software

G Code for CNC machines

Automatically generate G Code for CNC mills and routers

About  Blitz G Coder

Design and automatically generate G Code for computer controlled mills and routers.

Fast development by drawing and editing with the mouse or dialog boxes.

G Code is automatically generated as parts of the project are drawn.

Use the 3D view to inspect and edit the cut path.

Blitz G Coder is both a CAD and CAM solution.


Buy Full version for $99 US.

*Free version is limited to 100 lines of G Code.






Features   Free version  Full version  Details 
Shapes Yes Yes Arcs, Circles, Rectangles (squares), Polygons of any amount of sides, 2D Lines, 3DLines, Curves, Ellipse.
Paths Yes Yes Draw paths with tangents. Split path into arcs and lines. Create paths from arcs, lines, curves and other paths.
Text Yes Yes Uses system fonts, ttf and cxf fonts. Smooth curves made from arcs. Add CXF Line fonts. Mirror and rotate.
Gears Yes Yes Metric gears using involute curves for smooth operation. Create Spur, Rack and Internal gears.
User code Yes Yes Type in G Code. Copy and paste in G Code. Load in G Code.
Array of circles Yes Yes Fast creation of rectangular or circular bolt hole patterns. Border only options.
3D viewing Yes Yes Rotate, reposition and zoom G Code to visualise cutting path.
Multiple methods for creating processes Yes Yes Add processes by dialog for accurate value input. Insert processes using the mouse for fast project creation.
Multiple methods for editing processes Yes Yes Use the mouse to edit in the 3D view. Edit process values in the property Grid. Edit a process by dialog box.
Paste special Yes Yes Paste special to create multiple automatically spaced and/or rotated copies. Copy and paste between projects.
Cut position Yes Yes Adjust cut position to automatically allow for tool radius.
Reposition and rotate processes Yes Yes Select single or multiple processes and reposition, or rotate around a point.
Flexible value input Yes Yes Input fraction values e.g enter 1/8 instead of 0.125 . Add Inch specifier (i) for automatic conversion. Add Metric specifier (m) for automatic conversion.
Rounding and grid Yes Yes Fast accurate drawing by mouse snapping to rounding positions.
Unlimited G Code No Yes Full version provides millions of lines of G code, depending on size of PC memory.
*Free version limited to 100 lines.
G code listed Yes* Yes List shows G Code as processes added. Select G Code in list highlights in 3D Viewer
Run time G Code generation Yes* Yes G Code created as items added showing results immediately to speed up editing.
G code load to Mach3 Yes* Yes While Mach3 is running on the same PC you can load directly to Mach3 (may not work of all versions of Mach3).
Project Save Load Create Yes Yes Free version allows full creation of projects that can be transferred to the full version. Create jobs with the free version and process them with the full version.
Dynamic configuration Yes Yes Fast editing by changing a single configuration value to update all matching values in the project. Configuration changes can be added throughout project.