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Purchase Blitz G Coder licence key

Purchase a licence key for $99 US.


1) Find the Blitz G Coder PC number on your computer (see instructions below).

2) Enter the PC number in the box below.

3) Click on the Buy Now button and pay by either credit card or paypal.


Enter PC Number


Instructions to find the PC number:

1) Download and install Blitz G Coder

     Make sure this is the computer that you want the full version to run on, as the licence key is unique to each computer.

2) Run Blitz G Coder

3) Select "Settings" from the main menu

4) Select "Licence key"

5)Copy the "PC Number" (it is unique to your computer)


Obtain the Blitz G Coder licence number from the PC you want the full version to work on.

Note: The Blitz G Coder download is the same for the free and full version. The Licence Key activates the full version.



What happens once purchased:

A payment confirmation email will be sent to you.

A second email with a Licence Key will be sent to you (this is unique to your computer).

Enter the Licence Key to activate the full version:

1) Run Blitz G Coder

2) Select "Settings" from the main menu

3) Select "Licence key"

4)Enter the supplied "Licence Key" (it is unique to your computer)


Note: The Licence Key email should arrive within a couple of minutes of the payment confirmation email. If it doesn't arrive email and include your full name and the PC number.